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Sell your online courses like gangbusters

The super easy DIY WordPress solution

Welcome to SparkLabLMS™

If you have ever thought...

“They said it was simple to build an online course and membership on WordPress, but, I have no idea where to even begin?”

“There has to be an easier way to create an online membership website with wordpress!”

“I tried creating a membership site with WordPress myself but now it’s slow and nothing looks good, things aren’t working, I don’t understand the plugins… this is so frustrating, I just want to cry!”

kim kardashian

Then you are in the exact right place.

If you have ever...


…been utterly confused about which theme to choose, how to setup your theme, how to make a page look good…


…wanted to throw your computer out the bloody window when trying to figure out which elearning plugin to use…


 …stopped yourself from putting together that your online course site you’ve because you can’t figure out the tech…

Then SparkLabLMS™ is exactly what you need.

Who is SparkLabLMS™ for?

SparkLabLMS™ is perfect for any small business that wants to use WordPress for their LMS (Learning Management System), particularly; coaches, consultants, speakers, content creators, or any other service provider who wants to start sharing their knowledge with their audience using online courses. 

If you are looking for a place to sell courses to your audience, to offer a membership where customers gain access to multiple courses, or to share knowledge internally with your team all while using the platform you are already comfortable with (WordPress) – then SparkLabLMS™ is exactly what you need.

What is SparkLabLMS™?

The easiest way to get started with a WordPress LMS (online course system)

If you’ve been searching for the perfect solution to sell your courses and services, you’ve probably noticed that something is missing. 

Maybe it takes forever to setup, you can’t change the colours, add features you want, integrate with your other technology easily, pay a monthly fee, and on and on.

With SparkLabLMS™, you can create a unique, branded experience with blogging, landing pages, custom information pages and more.

When it comes to content types, the sky is the limit with SparkLabLMS™! If you can upload it, you can add it! Text, files, audio, video, gifs, images, graphics, animated graphics and more.

Plus, SparkLabLMS™ is STUNNING, user-friendly and ready to go in 60 minutes! It showcases you in the best light – EXACTLY AS YOU CHOOSE.

Here are a few sample pages...just imagine these with YOUR brand colours, fonts and content.

Oh, the things they say...

What's included in SparkLabLMS™?

the best

SparkLabLMS™ leverages the flexibility of WordPress without the typical costs for a full-blown, customized LMS solution (with us, they start at $25,000). I give you everything you need in SparkLabLMS™, a solution that has been developed over many years, to start selling or sharing your online courses within hours.

Sell Anything

Online Courses

Unlimited content, courses, users. No transaction fees (outside of what you pay with Stripe or PayPal). Course bundles, drip courses, open-learning, and more. Includes quizzes and certificates!

Digital Products

Maybe you sell downloadable products, like PDF's, checklists, video or audio files? These can be bundled or sold separately. Anything "virtual", "downloadable" or "service-based" can be sold with SparkLabLMS™.


Ever dreamed of growing your business with recurring memberships? SparkLabLMS™ memberships can include online courses, packages, services, and more. Unlimited levels!


Do you have a group or individual coaching program or services you sell by the package? Do you want to offer monthly or advanced payments? With SparkLabLMS™ you can package your business the way you've always wanted.

Brand it your way

Landing Pages

I've included 3 landing page templates that you can use over and over again for any product/service you'd like. From simple for freebies to long-form to one that can showcase all of your courses at once.

Any Design

You will LOVE how easy it is to create beautiful pages with our premium page designer and because all of this happens within WordPress, the sky's the limit.


SparkLabLMS™ can become your full website, so you can blog as much as you'd like. You can even make premium posts exclusive to your membership levels.

Email Integration

You can link ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, AWeber, ConvertKit, Mailpoet, GetResponse, or Mad Mimi to your​ SparkLabLMS™. Use your email system to send the right messages to the right audience.

We're here to help

Training Library

You will gain access to over 50 videos in the SparkLabLMS™ online training library. Learn how to create a course, your own templates, and go as deep as you'd like into custom designing your site (over and above the already beautiful site we give you).


If you're ever stuck or have questions, simply submit your questions to the exclusive Facebook Group. I do my best to answer questions at least 1/day (M-F) and hold LIVE Q&A sessions every week. I'd never leave you hanging (custom work is available at $150/hr).

Plus, loads of other cool stuff

Your sales are your own

While I don't take transaction fees from your sales, your payment provider (Stripe or PayPal) does. Please contact them for more.

Your Logo & Brand

Your site can be fully branded for your business (logo, colours, fonts). I only show a link to SparkLabLMS™ in small print in your main footer.

Social Media Sharing

Your audience can share your pages, courses, and more with the click of a button! You can also showcase your social media links.

Coupon Codes

Offer an unlimited number of coupon codes.

Privacy Matters

I have included a COOKIES opt-in bar and a Privacy Page that you can update with your business credentials.

Adding Other Plugins

Since the system lives on your own hosting, you can install whatever plugins you'd like, and you will have access to my list of recommended free and premium plugins because they have already been reviewed for security and reliability.

Invoicing Capabilities

You can send PDF invoices to your users.

Assessment Style Quizzes

Create personality type quizzes that can be linked to any online course.

Learning Paths

Choose what courses your audience can take and in which order.


Offer certificates upon completing a course or a quiz.

Interactive Content

Engage your users by giving them something to "do" (flip boxes, sliders, accordions, and more).

Responsive / Mobile Friendly

SparkLabLMS™ is ready (and can be customized) for any screen.


The reports allow you to see exactly what courses are popular, what areas users struggle in and more.


You can link your Google Analytics account to your SparkLabLMS™ for a deeper understanding of how people interact with your site.

Give it to me straight

"What do I have to do? Is it hard?"

Not even at all! I have included a 60-mins QUICK LAUNCH step-by-step to get you up and running FAST.
All you have to do is follow along and do what we do. 

Once you purchase and immediately gain access to SparkLabLMS, you will be able to download 2 files that will change your life! These 2 files are pre-setup templates that I’ve created based on multiple online course sites I’ve built.

Then start the 60-minutes Quick Launch training that will finalize your setup with all your details and branding.

After that you just need to start adding your course content to the course area, add a shopping cart item and your payment page (landing page…yes, I’ve designed and included an easy to change template) and tada you’re good to go!

What sort of things Are in the Quick Launch?

Some of this might sound a bit frightening – but I PROMISE you it’s SO easy. You’ll be walking around so proud of yourself after you complete the QUICK LAUNCH.

Brush your shoulders off. 

I've been doing this a long time

"Hi, I'm Amanda Ross!"

I’m the owner of SparkLab, and I designed my first website in 2001 and launched my Full-time agency in 2013 working with small to medium businesses in the real estate, urban planning, nonprofit, consulting, coaching and similar areas.

"My favourite (and most terrifying) moment is when I share my creation with my client for the first time. My goal is to always exceed expectations and create something that feels completely perfect for them...so far I've succeeded!" ~Amanda Ross


Designed first website with code (pre-Wordpress)


Created first online course website


Launched full-time agency


Started focusing on the online learning space


Opened SparkLabLMS™

Samples of my Work

SparkLabLMS™ Pricing

A 100% custom built LMS starts at $25,000.00 and takes 4 months to develop.

However, SparkLabLMS™ is not a custom built site but rather a fully developed D.I.Y. WordPress template ready for you to use. While I do not build each page for you, I have included some gorgeous templates you can use over and over.
Plus, you gain access to our training library, recommended plugin list and exclusive Facebook Group. 

the best

Doors are closed!

Get on the waitlist and be the 1st to know when I re-open the doors to SparkLabLMS™

Until then, I'll send you regular updates and a special email when I open the doors to SparkLabLMS™ - don't miss out.

Your Questions - Answered!

This is my baby girl, Buffy The Boston...who is incredibly curious. And I know she'd appreciate all these Q&A's. So, here they are! (her face doesn't always look like this)

SparkLabLMS™ is an online training website built using WordPress. It includes everything you need to get started selling your online courses in a space you’re already comfortable in. The learning curve is low if you are already a WordPress user.

Notable features:

  • Highly customizable
  • YOURS on YOUR web hosting (you “own” it)
  • Unlimited pages, posts, content, courses, products, and more
  • Blogging
  • Coupon codes
  • Ability to give access to certain people depending on what they purchase with you (Membership-style)
  • Add as many Admins as you’d like
  • Graded quizzes and different types of quizzes
  • Your branding
  • Completion certificates
  • Exclusive Facebook Group (I answer Qs at least once/day M-F and go LIVE once per week)
  • Unlimited users
  • Access to over 50 video trainings 
  • Landing page templates 
  • And more!

SparkLabLMS™ is built on WordPress, which the most flexible platform around.

With the other platforms, you sell online courses…with SparkLabLMS™, you can sell ANYTHING virtual/services/digital. 

It’s COMPLETELY customizable.

And, financially, it’s a FABULOUS investment…

Over three years, you would pay the following for these platforms (on their most poplar/comparable plans):

  • KAJABI – – – – $5,724.00
  • TEACHABLE – – – – $3,564.00
  • PODIA – – – – $2,844.00
  • SparkLabLMS™ – – – – less than $1500!!

This is the perfect solution for women online entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits and side hustle lovers who don’t have the time to learn all the technology needed to build this themselves nor the bank account to pay for a custom online course site with WordPress (that can start at $25,000.00).

Are you a Coach, Consultant, Virtual Assistant, Photographer, Course creator, Wedding Planner, Event planner, Speaker, PR specialist, Yoga teachers, Makeup artist, Copywriter, Content creator, Health & wellness coach, Author or another type of Service-based businesses looking to take your business online in a seamless way? YEA? Then YOU are who this is for.

With SparkLabLMS™ you choose a payment option that works best for you (one-time, 3 months or 6 months), thereafter you only pay an annual fee to maintain access to the premium plugins!

Either way, you receive access to everything you need right away, as soon as you signup.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex.

All fees are in USD.

You get a LMS (Learning Management System) with the ability to sell additional digital products or any type of service package branded for your business.

SparkLabLMS™ includes everything you need related to the LMS (ability to create and sell courses and additionally any digital or service-type product). I include premium plugin licenses, digital support, and access to my training library with over 50 quick and straight forward how-to videos (with more on their way).

SparkLabLMS™ does not include any of your actual content (course content, your videos, your landing page verbiage, images, gifs, audios, or any other multi-media, sales content, ads, graphics, etc).

Basically, I do not write copy, design pages, or develop any content for you. You are fully responsible for that.

If you have ever used WordPress, you can use SparkLabLMS™. It’s built on WordPress, so it’s incredibly simple. PLUS, the premium page builder makes everything extra simple – you will LOVE using it.

I clutch my pearls and I look at you aghast! Nope-ity nope nope!

Once you signup you will be able to join the Facebook Group where I pop in daily (M-F) and hold weekly LIVEs to cover any additional questions.

Nope. Not at all.

You can build everything without knowing any code.

However, you can use code on your pages if you’d like.

NOTE: during QUICK LAUNCH we do make some minor code changes, but they are EASY as pie; takes 3 minutes!

Enough that you could write a blog post, create a new page and understand the concept of how WordPress works. SO, basically…the basics!

We include a full 50+ video library that you can access 24-7 to guide you through just about anything you want to create. 

SparkLabLMS™ is placed on YOUR host, so I don’t even have any access to it! 😉 

Everything you create, write, design, build, share is yours.

If your course is already developed and ready to go – you can have it up and running in 24-hours. It’s that simple.

Yes, you need either a CLEAN domain with hosting ready to go (meaning, NOTHING and I mean nothing is currently on that domain).

Or you can create a sub-domain that aligns better with your current domain (this is my recommendation).

Don’t worry, it’s all in the QUICK LAUNCH (step-by-step).

Yes you do. I suggest SiteGround if you need something new (or if you aren’t happy with your current provider).

No. We do not support any other theme then the one we provide to you. 

The #1 place hackers look for vulnerabilities is within insecure plugins. Having said that, yes, you can add plugins of your choosing.

While, I am unable to have knowledge of every plugin available and the issues they could cause if they are in conflict with our setup, I do not hold you back from customizing your site. 

I share a list of recommended plugins (free and premium) that I trust and believe to be secure. If you need help installing one of my recommended plugins, I am happy to help for a small fee.

Not at all! You can sell masterclasses, digital products, service packages, group coaching, and more.


No, it does not at this time. 

Never. Your income is your own.

You’re the one out there working to grow your business, and I’m just super pumped to partner with you and do what I do best to make it easy for you to sell your products and services.

)Stripe and/or PayPal do take transaction fees)

Stripe or PayPal. 

Stripe moves money into your business bank account every 3-7 days (check with them to confirm).

PayPal relies on you to move your money when you’re ready (check with them to confirm).

You can choose either to use with your SparkLabLMS™ account.

Not from SparkLabLMS™. But, yes, both Stripe and PayPal have transaction fees that you will pay directly to them, Please review their terms of service and all details to make the right choice for you.

You will have access to my full 50+ video training library, plus you can post to my exclusive Facebook Group. I check in daily (M-F) and hold weekly LIVEs to answer additional Qs

I also include premium options of support (technical or design) at an hourly rate ($150/hr).

As many as you want to! If, for some reason, your site became too large, your hosting will reach out to you so you can build an action plan to continue to move your business forward…but it will take a WHOLE ton of courses for you to use up all that space (I’m using SiteGround’s Grow Big account as an example).

Yes, if you cancel within 14-days of starting, I will give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked!

If you decide to cancel after the first 14-days, there are no refunds, but all payments will be stopped thereafter.

NOTE: you will no longer be able to use the 3 Premium Plugins I’ve included as we will remove your site from my list.

The $147 annual fee allows you continued access to my Premium Plugin licenses.

And, yes, you can cancel any time you choose. And, I make it simple because, let’s be honest, if you’re not happy, I do NOT want to make you anymore unhappy. 

All you have to do is login to your SparkLabLMS™ account and click the CANCEL button under Subscriptions.

NOTE: you will no longer be able to use the 3 Premium Plugins I’ve included as we will remove your site from my list.

Yes! Of course, especially if you have NEVER used your domain yet. If you have…I do not recommend this. I much prefer you put this on a SUB-domain (anyname.yourdomain.com which would be like learn.sparklablms.com).

Some things to note about putting it on your main domain IF you are already using it…

– You will have to pull a backup of your blog posts and any other content you currently have on your site, make note of any plugins you need and HOW you have them setup.

– Once SparkLabLMS is loaded on your domain, you can then import your blogs and pages, re-upload all plugins, and set them up as they were, reconnect everything, etc.

…again, we recommend you use a SUB-domain instead, which avoids all of this hassle and potential for lost content.

We don’t currently offer this as a White Label option, but we do have a partner option in the works. 

Check back here on October 31, 2020.

It’s going to be pretty epic!

Yes! You have the ability to have multiple levels or give people access to certain pages, content, and courses based on their purchase.

Doors are closed!

Get on the waitlist and be the 1st to know when I re-open the doors to SparkLabLMS™

Until then, I'll send you regular updates and a special email when I open the doors to SparkLabLMS™ - don't miss out.

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